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Temporary voice channel bot!

Developer: TomasOlsson#1034 

Prefix: !

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TEMPBOT - Temporary voice channel bot

A bot that makes a temporary channel named after the user.

Lets the user have control over the voice channel without any administrator. The voice channel is removed when it becomes empty.


!help: Help commands
!lock: Locks the channel so that no one can join it
!unlock: Unlocks the channel
!name <new name>: Change channels name
!limit <num>: Limit how many users can join your channel
!permit/allow <@user>: Permit certain user to join your channel
!reject/deny <@user>: Reject a certain user from joining your channel
!claim: Claim a channel once the owner has left it
!info: Get information about a channel you are in
!invite <@user>: Send an invite link to a user when you've hidden your channel

Admin commands:
!setup: Setup join to create channel (Only the inviter)
!settings: Change few settings for your server
!resetserver: Reset the server settings
!admin add <@user>: Add admin to bot
!admin remove <@user>: Remove admin from bot
!admininfo: See info about the server