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A Discord Bot Based off Himiko Toga | Music Player, and effects | Starboard | Mod-Log | Logs | All in one bot ❤

Developer: AlexThurman#0001 

Prefix: ~

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Tog’s high quality music module allows us to stream music to your server with no lag, no crackling, and a ton of effects!


Toga is currently equipped with tools that allow you to kick, ban, mute, and more so you can keep the rule-breakers out!


Toga has all the reaction commands you could ever need from patting a user on the head to slapping them silly.


99.99% Uptime


Toga is fully equipped with Starboard! Save only the best messages and memories inside your server.


Toga is a bot chalked full of anime goodness. from commands to waifus, and even games!


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Designed by: AlexThurman