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Venus is a discord bot which is best suited for Moderation, Fun, Info, Utility and Role management.

Developers: Enigma™#0002 Cassie#8330

Prefix: v! (customizable)

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Introducing Venus!

The deafult prefix is v!

Type v!help For a list of commands. The prefix of this bot is customisable for every server by using the prefix command.

Venus has commands ranging from General information to Moderation, Utility, Role management and Fun. It also has a Covid-19 tracker which shows key information regarding the pandemic.

Moderation Commands: Kick, ban, softban, voice channel kick and much more!

Utility Commands: serverinfo, slowmode, nicknames and much more!

Role Management: rolecreate, roleinfo, toggle roles and much more!

We at Team Venus invite you to try it out and hope that you like it :D

Venus is updated regularly with new features.

Do you see a feature that you miss? Come request it in our Discord server! Our new features are always made as per user requests!