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Hydrogen 2.0

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A bot that is fun to use and new commands came out every month! The bot could be your helper too-but with no moderation

Developer: A350-1000#6715 

Prefix: L!

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Hi! I am Lucy! I can help you do the following thing:

Halloween music will be the only song playing from now to Nov. 2nd, 2019. Skip cmd and loop has been disabled until that time.

Terms applied to this bot. Anyone who breaks the rules stated in the Terms of Service will be banned(certain ban could be appealed using this form)

Emoji command is disabled on Discord Bot list's official server!

  1. Music
  2. Fun
  3. Image Edit
  4. More!

Official Website: here

Officail server: here

I use cloud firestore as my database for you guys to use!

We code on weekends so all updates will be in the weekends