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Multi-purpose Bot | Over 160 commands! Mini-games / Reaction Roles / Auto-roles / Moderation / Anime / Utility / RP!

Developer: MrVaDiM4iK#0232 

Prefix: +

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JeggyBot Features

1. Auto-roles for new members in server;
2. Setting welcome and goodbye messages with detailed settings;
3. Good customization and bot settings;
4. Logging actions on the server;
5. You can disable unused commands / modules;
6. Well moderation commands with good mutes and warnings;
7. More of different utilities! Some of them: calculator, screenshot, QR-code generator, shortening links, reverse text, random numbers, weather view;
8. Interesting mini-games for fun on the server;
9. Good AFK-system;
10. You can create your own embed through the constructor;
11. Large information module: about the role, channel, user, emoji, invite and etc.;
12. Many different pictures, animals and anime characters;
13. A large number of fun commands for working with images;
14. Reaction roles system by clicking on reactions;
15. Voting system and many Role-Play commands.