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The most all-in-one bot made to engage members and moderate your server! Leveling, economy, and more with a dashboard!

Developer: Quintenvw#0001 

Prefix: . (Customizable)

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Give new members a warm welcome by welcoming them with a custom welcome image or DM. You can also give them a role!


Let your members gain experience in text and voice chat, let them compete against eachother, and give them roles as a reward! Maki will automatically filter out users who are afk, muted, deafened, or spamming.


Automatically protect your server against trolls, spam, mass mentions, and give your mods the best tools to moderate!


Keep track of everything that happens and changes in your server such as invites, deleted messages, emote changes, and more. Maki even has a built in virus scanner!


Unlock Maki's high quality music feature that supports playing music from multiple sources, equalizers and playlists.


Check Youtube channels, anime, manga, Twitch streamers, Steam profiles, Osu! statistics, and more all within Discord!


Activate your members by giving them credits for being active they can use for games and roles!


Express yourself by using our gif emojis such as hug, pat, kiss, and slap.

Role Management

Assign roles by reacting on a message or by using commands. You can also create and edit roles with commands.


Check how your server is doing and how active your members are with live server statistic channels and commands.


Engage your members with features like starboard, suggestions, reputation, giveaways, would you rather, and more.

And More

Maki also has things such as custom commands, AFK messages, reminders, repeating messages, Steam information, game commands, ...

Getting Started

Are you ready to invite Maki? Use the dashboard on our website to set Maki up quick and easily! Join our support server if you have a question or just want to check Maki out before you invite her!