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Advanced (and cute) moderation bot. Fully customizable with auto moderation and a sophisticated warning system.

Developers: dondish#8072 August#5820

Prefix: x! | customizable

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Moderation-based Discord bot created for the official hackweek.

# How to use the bot? x!settings will help you manage the settings for each guild.

View the settings by running x!settings view

  1. Adding and removing a punishment: x!settings add [--soft] [--temp ] [--days ] [--roleid ]

Example (This will add a punishment: a soft ban after 3 warnings): x!settings add 3 ban --soft

You can have as many punishments as you like! but remember, some punishments can collide with others! Use them cautiously!

To remove a punishment you run (the index is the place of the punishment in the list in x!settings view): x!settings remove

  1. Enabling and Disabling other settings x!settings set

Example: Enabling anti-spam in automod: x!settings set automod.spam true

Example: Disabling anti-spam in automod: x!settings set automod.spam false

  1. Resetting to defaults: x!settings reset


  • Auto Moderation - Prevents raids, spam, ads and swears!
  • Lockdown command - locks one, multiple or all channels for a specific role downwards
  • Moderation commands - many moderation commands to simplify your moderators' work.
  • Moderation Log and Cases - easy and organized way of seeing the actions done by you and your mods!
  • Advanced warning system and auto punishments - automatically punish those who commit offenses!
  • Logging - Organize and chain punishments if a person edited/deleted a message of a sneaky invite!