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Potato Bot Avatar

Potato Bot

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Like Potatoes? Perfection made for you.

Developer: DLuxe#1111 

Prefix: p=

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This is Potato Bot.

Potato Bot is a new, upcoming bot that has economy, meme, and just plain fun commands!

How to use:

To get his commands, type p=help in any discord that Potato is in. (Make sure he has read/send messages, and embed links.)

Need help?

Our support server will always be there if you have questions, bug reports, and suggestions.

But what does he actually DO?

We've explained how Potato is helpful with economy, meme and fun commands, but we never really talked about what they DID, so here we go:

Potato Bot is based around a system called P-Coin, in which can be used to climb up the leaderboard and see who racks up the most P-Coin. In the future, you can use that P-Coin to buy in-server goods set up by the server admins.

Enjoy our bot?

We would be grateful if you vote or rate us. Once again, thank you to everyone who has Potato in their server.