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This bot is a very easy bot to use that helps you're server out with a lot of stuff

Developer: Xvori#2735 

Prefix: s!


General Information
--- | --- s!help s!stats s!invite s!uinfo s!sinfo s!random s!avatar s!avatar {@user} s!hastebin {string}

Fun Commands

--- | --- s!level s!fortnite {username} {xbl/pc/psn} s!hastebin {string} s!coinflip s!dice {# of dice} {max value} s!doge {string} s!leet {string} s!8ball {string}

Settings Commands

--- | --- s!settings s!settings mod_role {@role} s!settings mute_role {@role} s!settings auto_role {@role} s!settings changelogs {on/off} s!settings welcomes {on/off} s!settings leaves {on/off} s!settings messagelog {on/off} s!settings autorole {on/off} s!settings welcome_channel {<#channel>} s!settings leave_channel {<#channel>} s!settings log_channel {<#channel>} s!settings messagelog_channel <#channel> s!settings changelog_channel {<#channel>} s!settings welcome_message {string} s!settings leave_message {string}

For welcome and leave mesages, use "{user}" in your message to use the persons username.

Tag Commands

--- | --- s!tag s!tag list s!tag add {name} {value} s!tag remove {name} s!tag {name}

Moderation Commands

--- | --- s!moderation s!moderation {@user} s!moderation find {id} s!moderation staff {@user} s!kick {@user} {reason} s!ban {@user} {reason} s!mute {@user} {reason} s!unmute {@user} {reason} s!prune s!prune {amount} s!prune {amount} {@user}

Warn Commands

--- | --- s!warn s!warn {@user} {reason} s!warn list {@user} s!warn find {id} s!warn remove {id}