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TAIL bot is a discord bot which features and best suited for Moderation, Fun, Info, Utility and Role management.

Developer: MrEmoji#4786 

Prefix: *

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TAIL is an acronym for ‘Talk About It Later’, quite amusing, isn’t it? TAIL is a bot that has been intensively worked on by a dedicated coder who takes pride in his work. He has put in many hours and sacrifices making this bot.

TAIL is a multipurpose bot that have many commands such as:

  • [MEMES]
  • [FUN]
  • [UTILTY]
  • [IMAGES]

The bot’s default prefix is *. However, the prefix can be changed to your liking with the setprefix command. It also comes with custom welcome and leave message that can be set by you. Lastly, it can even blacklist channel/user and mod logs.

Tired of seeing bad memes, don’t fret. TAIL has many commands that allow you to make your own memes. Without leaving the comfort of your discord server, you can make many high quality memes with many templates to choose from.

If you encounter any bugs or issues with TAIL, you may join the support discord server. Your problems and queries will be answered there. You may also drop suggestions on how to improve the bot there.