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Web DashboardUtility

An easy to use and highly configurable ticket and support bot with a web panel

Developer: ryan.#4444 

Prefix: t! (Configurable)

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Tickets Bot is a fully customisable Discord ticket system. Support via Discord allows you to improve your quality of service and response times. Tickets provides various Ticket Tools as a part of its functionality, such as ticket panels (reaction to open a ticket), ticket logs, canned responses and a web UI for easier management, featuring live web chat.


Command Description Example Permission Level
t!about Tells you information about the bot t!about Everyone
t!addadmin Grants a user or role admin privileges t!addadmin @User Administrator
t!add Adds a user to a ticket t!add #ticket @User Everyone
t!addsupport Adds a user or role as a support representative t!addsupport @User Administrator
t!blacklist Toggles whether users are allowed to interact with the bot t!blacklist @User Support
t!c Sends a predefined canned response t!c myresponse Support
t!close Closes the current ticket t!close Everyone
t!help Shows you a list of commands t!help Everyone
t!mcr Command for managing canned responses t!mcr [list/view/add/delete] Support
t!open Opens a new ticket t!open Everyone
t!panel Creates a panel to enable users to open a ticket with 1 click t!panel Administrator
t!removeadmin Revokes a user's or role's admin privileges t!removeadmin @User Administrator
t!remove Removes a user from a ticket t!remove Everyone
t!removesupport Revokes a user's or role's support representative privileges t!removesupport @User Administrator
t!setup Allows you to easily configure the bot t!setup Administrator
t!cancel Cancels the setup process t!cancel Administrator
t!viewstaff Lists the staff members and roles t!viewstaff Everyone