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Xen Reactions

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Welcome to Xen Reactions! A simple to use reaction menu creator to automate roles in your discord.

Developer: PlutoTheDev#1000 

Prefix: r!

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Xen Reactions was created to simplify giving roles to your members! You can also use this a verification system. The menu limits are endless and there will never be a premium version everyone is allowed to use everything!

| Commands | What they do | |----------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | create | Create a reaction role menu. | | add | Add a reaction role to an existing menu. | | remove | Remove a reaction role from a menu. | | check | Check the reactions on a specified reaction role menu. | | clearall | This will clear all the menus within your discord server. | | block | Block a member from using me in your server, or blocks me from being able to give a role. | | logs | Sets the logging channel which will log menu creations, menu deletions, menu edits, and roles taken/given. |