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Melijn Avatar

Online461Certified12,374 Servers

A powerful bot with a total of 220+ commands. I can do logs, verification, (auto)punishments, music and much more :3

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Security Avatar

Online10536,120 Servers

Role & Channel Protection, Verification, Anti Ban & Kick, Bot Logs, Advanced Nuke & Raid Protection

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Filo Avatar

Online53Certified9,327 Servers

Filo is a powerful multipurpose Discord bot.

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D-Safe Avatar

Online51Certified9,677 Servers

Powerful moderation, security and utility bot, created to solve all your problems as a moderator.

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Chewey Bot Avatar

Chewey Bot 
Online252,908 Servers

Invite tracking/manager, Web dashboard, Auto Roles, Auto moderation, Multi-purpose

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Kings Helper Avatar

Kings Helper 

Ticket system, system ad, moderation, auto-moderation, promocode system and anti-link system

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Helper.gg Avatar


Helper.gg is a sharded and whitelabeled ticket bot, aimed to make supporting your clients and users with efficient

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DikBot Avatar


Bot multiuso más estable y fácil de usar, es uno de los Bot gratuito que tiene como proposito mejorar tu servidor.

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MEE6 Avatar

Online9Certified3,368,160 Servers

Mee6 is a very user-friendly bot with a beautiful dashboard.

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Calypso Avatar


A multi-purpose discord bot that does music, moderation and other fun and useful things.

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Ben˞˞ Avatar


Moderation, Logging, Backup-system. Games, Info, ticket

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Electric Bot Avatar

Electric Bot 
Not verified6

Support bot can do everything

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Dredd Avatar

Online4157 Servers

A bot to help you with moderation, provide fun, and more.

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Athena Avatar

Online444 Servers

Multi functional discord bot with fortnite stats, minecraft server information, weather forecast and much more!

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MurFFy Avatar


ReactionRoles, Antyinvite, image only channels, counting game and 4fun commands - we have all here.

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OneForAll ? Avatar

OneForAll ? 

Facile à installer • Fiable • GRATUIT! • antiraid ultra puissant, modération, utilitaire, whiteliste

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