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KawaiiBot Avatar

Offline0Certified271,723 Servers

KawaiiBot is a cute girl that aims to make your server more fun to be on! Packed with fun commands like: hug, kiss, slots, coinflip, weather, time, and more!

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DuncteBot Avatar

Offline0Certified4,111 Servers

A chat bot with mod and music commands (plays from spotify)

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Watora Avatar

Offline0Certified37,907 Servers

100% Free Commands. Volume, BassBoost, Equalizer, Spotify, YouTube, Monstercat, Listen.moe. Custom Commands and more!

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Vinny Avatar

Online0Certified21,885 Servers

Music, Reddit, NSFW, 4Chan, Markov comments, Open source and more

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PenguBot Avatar

Online0Certified24,636 Servers

HQ Music (Spotify, YT, Twitch, HTTP, etc.), Moderation, Utilities, Fun, Profiles, Leveling, Leaderboard, Image Manipulat

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Steam Avatar

Online0Certified5,549 Servers

a steam profile search bot

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April Avatar

Online0Certified19,613 Servers

A Welcomer bot with customizable welcome images, Web Dashboard, Reaction Role, Logging, Autorole, Leaderboard and Banwor

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Welcomer Avatar

Online0Certified242,766 Servers

Welcomer is the OG Welcome image bot pretty much starting the entire trend. But don't be fooled, it does much more

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Minecraft Avatar

Online0Certified9,543 Servers

A Minecraft bot packed with features for players and server owners. Skins/Name history/Account verification and remote c

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Hangman Avatar

Online0Certified36,795 Servers

Play Hangman in Discord with Singleplayer, Mutiplayer and DM support including random words from an API.

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AltDentifier Avatar

Online0Certified68,636 Servers

Protection against spambots and alt accounts. Advanced user verification, Google Captcha and anti raid!

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Minato Avatar

Online0Certified2,850 Servers

Love dressing up, shopping, DIY, and stories? Come to play Love Nikki, a dressing up fantasy!

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GhostBot Avatar

Online0Certified956 Servers

The best Danny Phantom bot out there

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*Purr* Avatar

Online0Certified45,276 Servers

A bot bringing fun, entertainment and a lot of nekos.

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Gami Avatar

Offline0Certified3,400 Servers

Gami is a multi-purpose discord bot with over 100 commands that is customizable and fast.

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Restarter v3 Avatar

Restarter v3 
Online0Certified1,841 Servers

Autoroles, custom role commands, vote channels, name cleaning, and many more utilities.

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