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Toga Avatar

Online152Certified633 Servers

A Discord Bot Based off Himiko Toga | Music Player, and effects | Starboard | Mod-Log | Logs | All in one bot ❤

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Discord Pizza Avatar

Discord Pizza 
Online1,252Certified1,743 Servers

A Pizza Bot in German, to which you can place an order and an employee brings you the pizza on the server.

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Unosial Avatar


Unosial is a multifunctional bot with lots of features that will help you manage your discord !

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Sorata Avatar


Bot for moderation, fun and good mood!

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Fortnite Data Avatar

Fortnite Data 
Online3342 Servers

Fortnite Data is a bot that allows you to view player statistics, current game news and more with easy to use commands!

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Herukan Avatar


Enjoy the good experience with the brand new Herukan bot. For Discord lovers! 💚

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Anti-NSFW Avatar

Online21Certified2,855 Servers

A new way to protect your server from explicit content.

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DraftBot Avatar


Very simple / open-source game bot that require no permission. Speaking english or french !

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Emoji Steal Avatar

Emoji Steal 
Online1852 Servers

A bot which have language English and the bot can help servers add emoji to their message.

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DisTube Avatar

Online17327 Servers

HQ Audio • Youtube Video & Playlist • Reaction Controller • Bassboost • Filters • DJ Mode • Voting

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Scrappy Avatar


Scrappy is your friend who helps you manage your Discord server!

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HyperX Avatar


Türk Yapımı Moderasyon ve Eğlence Botu!

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ProBot ✨ Avatar

ProBot ✨ 
Online10Certified718,354 Servers

Welcome images, voice/text levels per guild, global levels, logs, high quality music, moderation and many many more!

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Chizuru Avatar

Online961 Servers

Moderation | Leveling | Autorole | Welcome & Leave messages | Anime | Fun, that's all what Chizuru is here for.

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Trust Factor Avatar

Trust Factor 
Online8220 Servers

Trust Factor adds a reviews system to Discord. The must for public communities!

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SpartBot [MAINTENANCE] Avatar

Online835 Servers

Advanced Ticket system per categories, Q&A, Verify, Multipropuse.

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