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Toga Avatar

Online7Certified989 Servers

A Discord Bot Based off Himiko Toga | Music Player, and effects | Starboard | Mod-Log | Logs | All in one bot ❤

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Melijn Avatar

Online1,2489,517 Servers

A powerful bot with a total of 200+ commands. I can do logs, verification, punishments, music and much more :3

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Kuroka Avatar

Online142Certified2,111 Servers

🎉Best Giveaways Bot • Stable & 100% free • No ads • 25+ possible requirements • Scheduled Giveaways • Invites • Drops🎉

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Dryde Avatar


Welcome images, logs, high quality music, moderation, utility and many many more!

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D-Safe Avatar

Online101Certified7,558 Servers

Powerful moderation, security and utility bot, created to solve all your problems as a moderator.

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MusicCloud Avatar


MusicCloud is a simple designed 24/7 radio bot with awesome configuration!

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Discord Pizza Avatar

Discord Pizza 
Online79Certified1,871 Servers

A Pizza Bot in German, to which you can place an order and an employee brings you the pizza on the server.

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Beep Boop Avatar

Beep Boop 
Online7497 Servers

A multiple purpose bot that has fun, information, moderation, games, nsfw, images and search commands.

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multipurpose bot with moderation, fun, economy, and utility

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GiveawayBot Avatar

Online51610 Servers

An advanced giveaway bot with many features | English + German / Deutsch + Polish | Supports requirements | 99.9% uptime

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Venus Avatar

Online2768 Servers

Venus is a discord bot which is best suited for Moderation, Fun, Info, Utility and Role management.

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Giveaway Boat Avatar

Giveaway Boat 

Giveaway Bot • Stable • Upto 100 Days Long Giveaways • Infinite Amount of Giveaways • Message | Role Requirement

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Sticky Avatar

Online194,916 Servers

An advanced, highly configurable, and stable ticket bot! Provided completely for free.

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Christmas Countdown Avatar

Christmas Countdown 
Online18Certified4,068 Servers

Get the number of sleeps left until Christmas sent to a selected channel every morning.

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InviteCanary Avatar


It's a bot invitations that simply allows you to put a welcome message by counting your invitations in several languages

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Galaxy Avatar


Galaxy is a all in one bot like mee6 rythem and ticket tool all in one with more coming soon!

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