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Falc Avatar

Not verified1

Falc is an amazing Discord bot with features ranging from economy and fun to moderation, levelling and utility

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Musical Era Avatar

Musical Era 
Not verified1

a rich quality music bot with filters and 24/7 uptime 8x faster speed

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Ebony Avatar


A multi purpose bot which can do most of the thing your server required. Logging, Music(In built), plugins, meme, image

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Karot Avatar

Not verified1

Karot is a Slovak Discord bot that has a lot of fun, moderation & informational commands.

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Shadow The Hedgehog Avatar

Shadow The Hedgehog 
Not verified1

[Lot of commands unfinished]

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BloxCoin Avatar

Not verified1

BloxCoin is a Discord Currency Bot. With doing a simple command everyday, you can earn money on different ways.

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Twitch Chat Bot Beta Avatar

Twitch Chat Bot Beta 
Not verified1

See your Twitch chat on Discord // Twitch sohbetinizi Discord'da da görün

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Fox Bot Avatar

Fox Bot 
Not verified1

Bot that can generate images!

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DuckHunt Avatar

Offline018,164 Servers

Ducks spawn on a Discord channel. Will you be able to kill them?

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Kotoba Avatar

Online017,557 Servers

A feature filled bot for Japanese learners... and weebs too!

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MallardBot Avatar

Online02,005 Servers

One of the best multiple purpose bot, moderation, logging, dashboard, canetons, High quality music, personal commands

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Shadbot Avatar

Offline011,594 Servers

A configurable multipurpose bot bringing you music, multiplayer games, moderation commands and more!

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Monika Avatar

Online05,246 Servers

Radio & Lofi Chill/Hip-Hop stream | Fun | Social interactions | Moderation | Image | French & English available !

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Midori Avatar


A fun and fancy Discord Bot that allows customisation of certain features to the individual level

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Warriors vs Soldiers Avatar

Warriors vs Soldiers 

A party game of strategy and deception, set in the world of Attack on Titan!

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Pokéverse - Chapter 2 Avatar

Pokéverse - Chapter 2 

Play A Full Pokemon MMO Game On Discord

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