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Galaxy Avatar


Galaxy is a all in one bot like mee6 rythem and ticket tool all in one with more coming soon!

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Nebula Avatar


Nebula, the multi-purpose bot with many commands, ranging from moderation to image manipulation.

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Scraby Avatar


A simple bot who was made for fun, economy and utility. It also has commands made for moderation.

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Ela Avatar


A bot for a great experience that combines admin, fun, games and achievements! ❤

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Chilly Avatar


Introducing Chilly! A Simple to use multi-purpose bot packed with hundreds of commands for your server!

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Mewdeko Avatar


Mewdeko is the only bot that mixes AFK, Suggestions, a Snipe command, and a ticket system into one bot!

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Fury Avatar


It's a english bot that made for moderation and funny commands. Also nsfw.

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MineBot🐔 Avatar

Not verified6

A Powerful multipurpose Discord Bot with over than 100+ commands!

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Travis Bott Avatar

Travis Bott 

A general purpose discord bot that provides a lot of utilities and such to use.

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Ranked Among Us Avatar

Ranked Among Us 
Not verified522 Servers

Ranked Among Us Bot - A bot developed for ranking Among Us players within a Discord Server. Who is the best Ranked Among

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Cobbas Defender Avatar

Cobbas Defender 

Cobbas Defender Sunucularınızı Savunmak İçin Var

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JeggyBot Avatar

Online420,909 Servers

Multifunctional Bot | Over 160 commands! Mini-games / Settings / Auto-roles / Moderation / Images / Utility / RP!

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NQN Avatar

Online4Certified274,072 Servers

Emoji everywhere, Telegram stickers, reply to messages, masked URLs and more! Use any emote for free, no Nitro required

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Wumpy Avatar

Not verified4

Wumpy will be here to help you for simple discord purposes. It's a bot made so that he can help you!

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RealBot Support Avatar

RealBot Support 

En gelişmiş discord destek botudur. Haydi sende sunucuna ekle ve destek talebi oluşturabilir ve kullanabilirsiniz.

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Tritan Bot Avatar

Tritan Bot 

Tritan is a multipurpose bot with a focus on clear music streaming!

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