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Eli Avatar

Online3,854Certified265,773 Servers

Eli is a high quality multi purpose bot with over 15 sections and 200 commands! Instead of using 20 bots try using Eli!

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ZeroTwo Avatar

Online869Certified919,276 Servers

Personalize your Discord with ZeroTwo. Custom Profile | Music | Economy | Unique Cardgame | Auto Role | Web Dashboard

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Kuroneko Avatar

Online8452,465 Servers

Anime battles! Train and duel other players! That's not all, she has tons of classic commands! All in one neko!

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Discord Pizza Avatar

Discord Pizza 
Online132Certified1,961 Servers

A Pizza Bot in German, to which you can place an order and an employee brings you the pizza on the server.

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PSlimy Avatar

Online54280 Servers

PSlimy is a bot with many commands for you to use! PSlimy have moderation, utility, meme, fun, economy and more commands

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Hydra Bot Avatar

Hydra Bot 
Online531,382 Servers

Um bot 100% gratuito para os servidores de Minecraft e FiveM (Uma plataforma que liga o GTA V com servidores)

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appa the sky bison Avatar

appa the sky bison 

a multi-purpose bot with commands in many categories including moderation fun information and other cool features

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DTel Avatar

Offline36Certified4,540 Servers

DTel is a realistic telephone bot that lets you call other servers!

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A simple RPG with dungeons, armors, swords, pvp, leaderboards, gambling and memes

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RikBOT Avatar


Rikbot is a moderation bot and have lot of games and fun commands

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🔞 HentaiCord Avatar

🔞 HentaiCord 
Online11315 Servers

Enhance your sexual experiences with HentaiCord!

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Discortics™ Avatar

Online101,322 Servers

Requirement Giveaways | Application | Invite Message Voice Tracking | Leveling | Dashboard | Tickets | Antispam | Games

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DuckHunt Avatar

Not verified415,832 Servers

Ducks spawn on a Discord channel. Will you be able to kill them?

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JeggyBot Avatar

Online420,909 Servers

Multifunctional Bot | Over 160 commands! Mini-games / Settings / Auto-roles / Moderation / Images / Utility / RP!

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Sheer Heart Attack Avatar

Sheer Heart Attack 

A JoJo's bizzare adventure bot that gives you (almost) absolute control over your stand's actions.

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Piglin Talks Avatar

Piglin Talks 

A Strong Brainshop A.I Powered Chat Bot! Have no one to talk with? Bored? DON'T WORRY! Invite me to your server to talk!

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