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Eli Avatar

Online3,894Certified235,694 Servers

Eli is a high quality multi purpose bot with over 15 sections and 200 commands! Instead of using 20 bots try using Eli!

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ZeroTwo Avatar

Online811Certified818,223 Servers

Personalize your Discord with ZeroTwo. Custom Profile | Music | Economy | Unique Cardgame | Auto Role | Web Dashboard

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Kuroneko Avatar

Online3012,009 Servers

Anime battles! Train and duel other players! That's not all, she has tons of classic commands! All in one neko!

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Discord Pizza Avatar

Discord Pizza 
Online62Certified1,935 Servers

A Pizza Bot in German, to which you can place an order and an employee brings you the pizza on the server.

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PSlimy Avatar

Online37223 Servers

PSlimy is a bot with many commands for you to use! PSlimy have moderation, utility, meme, fun, economy and more commands

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Roleplay Nations Avatar

Roleplay Nations 

Nation Roleplay bot on Discord. Build a prosperous nation!

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Karu Avatar

Online1154,023 Servers

It is a bot with commands from utilities, role (hug, kiss...) and extra themes that you can find out for yourself.

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🔞 HentaiCord Avatar

🔞 HentaiCord 
Offline10315 Servers

Enhance your sexual experiences with HentaiCord!

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DTel Avatar

Online6Certified4,404 Servers

DTel is a realistic telephone bot that lets you call other servers!

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JeggyBot Avatar

Online420,909 Servers

Multifunctional Bot | Over 160 commands! Mini-games / Settings / Auto-roles / Moderation / Images / Utility / RP!

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NSFWBot Avatar


NSFWBot - the best nsfw bot on discord ranging from NSFW to Roleplay

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SpartBot Avatar

Online3182 Servers

Advanced Ticket system per categories, Tickets, Verify, Multipropuse, with DASHBOARD. The most versatile ticket tool.

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Discortics™ Avatar


Requirement Giveaways? Application System? Invite/Message/VC Tracker? Levels with Role Reward? Tickets? Antispam?

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Martine Avatar

Online219,746 Servers

Martine, a multifunction bot. HD music, images, moderation, utilities, welcome images/messages and more!

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Honey Bot Avatar

Honey Bot 
Offline22,497 Servers

Lewds, Lewds, and more Lewds! A bot designed to mass distribute porn, hentai, and all other colloquialisms for different

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Friday Avatar


Gelişmiş Türkçe Moderasyon Botu

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