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Martine Avatar

Online121,506 Servers

Martine, In-depth music player, random images, streams alerts, giveaways, and more

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Hydra Avatar

Online11,000,000 Servers

Listen to a Music bot with Style! Youtube Songs, playlists, favorites. Also Supports Spotify, SoundCloud and BandCamp!

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GiveawayBot Avatar

Online1Certified17,465 Servers

Easily manage your server's giveaways with GiveawayBot.

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exorium Avatar


A multifunctional and open-source bot to fit your needs. Offering many commands with more commands getting added regular

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DiscordRep Avatar

Offline1294 Servers

DiscordRep.com is a free cross-server reputation & experience platform, upvote beloved ones, downvote bad people.

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Melody Bot Avatar

Melody Bot 

A bot for all your fun and utility needs ♥️

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Starboard Avatar

Not verified1

The first advanced Discord starboard bot, the best way to archive funny messages, with much more features to offer than

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Qgram Avatar

Not verified1

An instagram discord bot downloads instagram posts & instagram stories & instagram avatars with instagram post Notificat

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Prism Avatar


Stable & Free • Giveaway Bot • Track people invites & messages • Drops | Roles | Invites | Messages Requirements • Sched

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Orikivo Arcade Avatar

Orikivo Arcade 
Online131 Servers

Orikivo Arcade is a Discord bot that contains an ever-growing collection of fun mechanics and multiplayer interaction.

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BlurBot Avatar

Not verified1

BlurBot, a bot where anything is possible. With this bot you can moderate, manage, play music and fun commands!

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YouTube Avatar

Online110,320 Servers

A YouTube Bot for Discord. Check channel and video statistics, link your youtube profile, and more!

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Axix Avatar

Online1459 Servers

a super fun discord ai bot

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TriviaBot Avatar

Online175,116 Servers

Trivia/Quiz bot with 90000 questions, win nitro for winning the month, teams, leaderboards, can give roles as rewards!

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Potato Bot Avatar

Potato Bot 

Like Potatoes? Perfection made for you. With economy, meme, and more features coming soon!

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Tyra Avatar

Online1875 Servers

Bot en espanol con funciones de entretenimiento, moderacion, memes y mas!

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