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We now have a Discord server!

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GroundDug Avatar


GroundDug offers full custom permissions system and extensive admin commands which makes it harder for your server to be

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Herukan Avatar


Enjoy the good experience with the brand new Herukan bot. For Discord lovers! 💚

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Moopity Moop Avatar

Moopity Moop 
Offline035 Servers

A small bot with commands to utilise your Minecraft/Discord experience

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Meşale Network Avatar

Meşale Network 

Moderasyon Komutları |Eğlence Komutları | Kullanıcı Komutları Ve daha fazlası için sunucuna ekleyebilirsin.

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IUNGO Avatar


IUNGO - Music Bot. We have since changed into a Music Bot with many fancy features to control the music however you wish

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Kaguya Shinomiya Avatar

Kaguya Shinomiya 

Hi! My name is Kaguya Shinomiya. I am ready to connect all Discord servers to one using a gateaway

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Kyle. Avatar

Offline0109 Servers

Kyle Is a bot multifunctional created with the purpose of entertaining the users.

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Mavis Avatar

Offline0352 Servers

Mavis is a multi-purpose Discord bot including multilingual support, web dashboard, moderation, music..etc

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Primo Avatar

Online0239 Servers

A great multipurpose bot with a ton of fun.

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KittyBot Avatar

Online0527 Servers

Multipurpose managing, music & fun Bot

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Server Bot Avatar

Server Bot 
Online0Certified1,023 Servers

A bot that lets you to see information about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, CS 1.6, Fivem, Garrys mod, Minecraft Serv

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CuRe Avatar

Offline02,539 Servers

CuRe Bot is a custom response bot for discord.

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Task Manager Avatar

Task Manager 

With the help of the bot, task management on your server is child's play.

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Support System Avatar

Support System 
Online0Certified32,474 Servers

A simple to use Support System with many features like Tickets and Voice Support!

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Grace Avatar

Offline01,233 Servers

Utilize Grace to make your Discord better in every way, Moderation, HD music, leveling, NSFW commands, and way more!

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VooBot Avatar


VooBot - Polish bot with dashboard

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