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Toga Avatar

Online149Certified436 Servers

A Discord Bot Based off Himiko Toga | Music Player, and effects | Starboard | Mod-Log | Logs | All in one bot ❤

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Kaoru Avatar


A multi-purpose Discord bot with 30+ commands for meme creation, formatting messages, and more: Now updated for 2020!

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Lobby Finder Avatar

Lobby Finder 

A new way for users to open text and voice lobbies directly on your discord server!

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lucid Avatar


A multiple purpose bot including music, moderation, fun and much more!

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CT Lives Avatar

CT Lives 
Offline18897 Servers

An awesome Bot that provides schedules, information & extra lives of various Trivia Games!

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Botzilla Avatar

Offline1810 Servers

A counting bot that counts members, users, bots with the help of voice channels

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Christmas Radio Avatar

Christmas Radio 
Offline18649 Servers

Play top christmas hits in your guild 24/7 and also view how many days there are left until Christmas Day!

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Watchbot Avatar

Online18373 Servers

To stay informed when your bots, machines, websites go offline ! Try Watchbot

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Kuh Bot Avatar

Kuh Bot 

Kuh Bot ist ein deutscher Moderations Bot, der dir das Leben auf Discord leichter macht!

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CowGlobal Avatar


Deutscher Global Chat Bot!

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Lybot Avatar

1829 Servers

Lybot » Modération, Configuration, Économie & Level et tout ça en Français

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Kamisaka Avatar


Kamisaka is a bot which will help you to moderate your server, also it's offering many fun commands for your community!

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Nani Chan Avatar

Nani Chan 

A great pet and fun bot

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SpaceBoat Avatar


SpaceBot uses the NASA API to deliver interesting photos from mars rovers, satellites, the international space station and more!

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GhostBuster Avatar

Online17242 Servers

GhostBuster is a bot that detects ghostpings, reports that in a specific channel and dms the user (if enabled).

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Thxndy™ Avatar

Online17117 Servers

Polski bot rozrywkowy który jest cały czas rozwijany i aktualizowany

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