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A Discord Bot Based off Himiko Toga | Music Player, and effects | Starboard | Mod-Log | Logs | All in one bot ❤

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PYS Bump 
Online115982 Servers

A discord bump bot that bumps/advertise your servers to other discord servers

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Radio X Avatar

Radio X 
Online115763 Servers

A Discord radio bot that plays live streams, radio as well as YouTube music/streams

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Star Wars Quotes Avatar

Star Wars Quotes 

This bot is used for Generating random Star Wars Quotes (and random names from the Universe too)

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Santa Wumpus Avatar

Santa Wumpus 

Unique • Reliable • Stable • Fully Customisable • Giveaway Bot • Entry Requirements for Giveaways: Role/Server/Voice/Mes

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Dissonance Avatar


Multi-purpose bot with Music, Moderation, Games, and Much More!

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Tiger ßot Avatar

Tiger ßot 
Online8482 Servers

A new bot that aims to delight and serve the users with many features and almost daily updates

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MineLess Avatar

Online84Certified191 Servers

MineLess is a free french bot, who can give you all infos about minecraft's commands, some music lears, Minecraft Status

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StratoBotElite Avatar

Offline83160 Servers

An advanced games, moderation and mobile assistant bot.

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Elara Avatar

Online8084 Servers

A multiple purpose bot that with Fun, Information, Moderation commands, And logging features.

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ExoBot Avatar

Online78782 Servers

High quality music, Economy, Logging and much more!

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Rune Avatar

Offline75113 Servers

Created for a professional user reputation system, has 6 differnet languages ​​and premium status! The bot works 24/7!

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Eli Avatar

Online72Certified26,636 Servers

Eli is a high quality multi purpose bot with over 15 sections and 190 commands! Instead of using 20 bots try using Eli!

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RinBot Avatar

Online721,278 Servers

Guess the Anime: anime quiz / trivia game. You have to guess the title of the anime in the screenshot or video clip.

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AltDentifier Avatar

Online71Certified31,855 Servers

Protection against spambots and alt accounts. Advanced user verification, Google Captcha and anti raid!

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Highlight Avatar

Offline67293 Servers

This bot is a multipurpose bot, with regexp and plain word highlight's, logging and lots more.

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