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To-do Bot Avatar

To-do Bot 
Online272,504 Servers

Ever have too many tasks to do, but don't want more software open? If so, this is the bot for you!

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GlennMail Avatar


Need help? Support is just a DM away, create a ticket on any mutual guild all from one place.

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Giveaway Boat Avatar

Giveaway Boat 

Giveaway Bot • Stable • Upto 100 Days Long Giveaways • Infinite Amount of Giveaways • Message | Role Requirement

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Sticky Avatar

Online255,155 Servers

An advanced, highly configurable, and stable ticket bot! Provided completely for free.

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Elara Avatar

Online24386 Servers

A multiple purpose bot that has fun, information, moderation commands, and logging features.

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xian bot Avatar

xian bot 

My bot offers advanced fun commands RP commands, mod commands and more! To start using, type -help and then you will see

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Star Wars Quotes Avatar

Star Wars Quotes 

This bot is used for Generating random Star Wars Quotes (and random names from the Universe too)

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Foxy ? Avatar

Foxy ? 
Online22568 Servers

Foxy, is a music bot, with some utilities for the best experience listening music ?

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Bonnie Avatar


Botum Moderasyon Eğlence ve daha fazla komut içermekte!

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Crewmate Avatar

Online22910 Servers

The best bot Among Us utility bot. Keeps track of game room codes and prevents in-game talking.

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Ticket Bot Avatar

Ticket Bot 
Online21216 Servers

A premium ticket system with website history for staff and users to access.

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CuRe Avatar

Online21859 Servers

CuRe Bot is a custom response bot for discord.

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Toolchest Avatar


Toolchest is a Bot that can play Musik have Fun and Moderation Commands

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Leaves Avatar


A dead-simple bot that deletes user's messages once they leave your discord server. No configuration required.

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Helper.gg Avatar


Helper.gg is a sharded and whitelabeled ticket bot, aimed to make supporting your clients and users with efficient

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Mizar Avatar

Online20138 Servers

Mizar is a free, multipurpose Discord bot that provides everything needed to run a guild

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