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Counting Avatar

Online9961 Servers

The most customizable counting bot. Compete with other Discord servers to get the highest count.

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[/help] Chess ELO Role Avatar

[/help] Chess ELO Role 

Verifies account ownership and gives you roles based on Lichess / Chess.com stats, like rating, title, puzzle rating

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Solo Leveling Simulator Avatar

Solo Leveling Simulator 

An RPG bot related to Solo Leveling!

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Stocks Bot Avatar

Stocks Bot 
Offline8122 Servers

Trade stocks with real-world prices, get information about any stock at any time.

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UnbelievaBoat Avatar


Money/Economy/Currency customisable per server | Role Income | Casino Games | Buyable Store Items | Moderation & more.

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Thunder Avatar

Offline7Certified3,881 Servers

Verified Discord Emojis Bot | Over 250,000 available emojis | Add emojis taken from any server | 15+ Free Packs

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FyreRP Bot Avatar

FyreRP Bot 

Astra Bot, the only bot you need to make your server secure, active & clean!

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Luigi Avatar


Your multi-purpose bot, with every function you need. See images from the mars, moderate your server easily and create p

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Racor Avatar


A discord bot, with most of the things you could use, economy, moderation, music, games, and more...

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Utilities Bot Avatar

Utilities Bot 

This is Utilities Bot. A free bot with all features needed for your server.

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Flower Bot Avatar

Flower Bot 

this bot is used for Music and more commands

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OcelotBOT Avatar

524,733 Servers

This bot is full of dankness, Games, Trivia and image editing! We have a meme Generator, text generator, and more!

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LiterallyNoBot Avatar


The world's only Undertale-themed multipurpose, AI-powered bot!

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Hypo's Halloween Avatar

Hypo's Halloween 

Use ''/'' Commands For The Best.

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Trevourr Avatar


A POG Multipurpose bot with features like Moderation, Sticky Messages, Reminders, Soundboard and much much more!!!

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Asphalt Avatar


Asphalt is a fun bot with a fully-functional economy, bank heists, music, memes and more!

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