A Simple Bot created using discord.js and hosted 24/7 on glitch with many commands like kick,ban,kill,flip etc ... and w

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Purifier Avatar


very strong and usefull bot!

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Power Glove Avatar

Power Glove 
Online271,047 Servers

Another random stuff bot, it draws molecular structures, it creates memes and you can talk to it.

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Melijn Avatar

Online273,644 Servers

Melijn is a multipurpose bot with over 140 commands. Verification, Moderation, Logging, Disable commands and Fun :3

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SuperLenny Avatar


The biggest Lenny Faces Database on all of Discord

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Banana Bot Avatar

Banana Bot 
Online27427 Servers

Little Discord Bot With amazing features like GuessNumber, Encode and Decode, Timer, and more Commands!

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ZeroCord Avatar

Online270 Servers

Personalize and create the best server with ZeroCord. Moderation | Customizable Prefix | Unique server counters commands

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BongoCat Avatar

Online262 Servers

I help MrSheldon and untocodes run Discord Boats! :D

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Tsuu Avatar

Offline2519 Servers

Spice up your server with Tsuu! Rich economy, utility, actions, endless fun, and more.

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Adrien Avatar

Online2411 Servers

Adrien Bot, is created to help in the moderation and fun of discord servers <3

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Karu Avatar

Online230 Servers

It is a bot with commands from utilities, role (hug, kiss...) and extra themes that you can find out for yourself.

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Uni 💜 Avatar

Uni 💜 
Online23433 Servers

a cute bot that does stuff

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Geimcord bot Avatar

Geimcord bot 
Offline2319 Servers

The bot is a multifunctional and purpose bot it has music commands too

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Support System Avatar

Support System 
Online23Certified1,922 Servers

A simple to use Support System with many features like Tickets and Voice Support!

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Quantum Avatar

Offline23233 Servers

A Simple, Easy multipurpose bot made by using discord.js library for the Discord API.

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Agano Avatar

Online2375 Servers

Most complete and updated bot for mobile game Azur Lane

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