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MallardBot Avatar

Offline02,005 Servers

One of the best multiple purpose bot, moderation, logging, dashboard, canetons, High quality music, personal commands

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Gamer Avatar

Online04,578 Servers

Scheduling system (events), verification process, menu style interaction, moderation, tags, twitch, leveling (xp system)

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MishiBot Avatar

Online0370 Servers

A dynamic, customisable and interactive bot which aims to enhance discord servers with quality of life, utility, and mod

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Bender Avatar

Offline012,171 Servers

A high-quality multipurpose bot with music, automod, agreement system, custom permissions, memes and more.

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PenguBot Avatar

Online0Certified24,636 Servers

HQ Music (Spotify, YT, Twitch, HTTP, etc.), Moderation, Utilities, Fun, Profiles, Leveling, Leaderboard, Image Manipulat

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Welcomer Avatar

Offline0Certified254,618 Servers

Welcomer is the OG Welcome image bot pretty much starting the entire trend. But don't be fooled, it does much more

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Mr.Fox Avatar


An intelligent, wise, and rather cunning multipurpose bot

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Riptide Avatar

Not verified0


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Yoaris Avatar


Yoaris Bot by EpicTeam. This Bot is a moderation bot, with very good utilities like: Rank, Minigames, etc... Hope you'll

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Kahve Avatar


Best multifunctional Discord bot. Music, moderation, logging, fun and more... [7/24 ONLINE]

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AltDentifier Avatar

Offline0Certified68,636 Servers

Protection against spambots and alt accounts. Advanced user verification, Google Captcha and anti raid!

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Momo🍑 Avatar


Gamble your flowers, claim waifus, participate in events and put your currency at stake to have momo decide your fate!

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Uni 💜 Avatar

Uni 💜 
Online0435 Servers

a cute bot that does stuff

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Spudnik Avatar

Online0330 Servers

Spudnik is focused on guild management and adding interesting and useful functionality to your server

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Ticket System Avatar

Ticket System 

Simple Ticket Bot with a lot of uses!

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Arcane Avatar

Online0543,274 Servers

The best leveling bot on discord. Create rewards, set a levelup channel, and view the leaderboard online.

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