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Myuu Avatar

Offline0Certified52,343 Servers

The best Pokémon experience you can get on Discord! Catch shiny and legendary! Hatch eggs, battle, train and trade them!

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Restarter v3 Avatar

Restarter v3 
Online0Certified1,841 Servers

Autoroles, custom role commands, vote channels, name cleaning, and many more utilities.

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YouTube Avatar

Online0Certified128,536 Servers

A rich YouTube bot for Discord. Let users know when you upload a video, get detailed information and much more.

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Ear Tensifier Avatar

Ear Tensifier 
Offline0Certified25,445 Servers

EARRAPE & BASSBOOST | High quality 24/7 music | Youtube | Soundcloud | Twitch | Mixer | Spotify | Bandcamp

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Kariari Avatar

Online0Certified10,168 Servers

A simple, multilingual community management bot for Discord. Manages events, karaoke, leveling, XP & more

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Christmas Countdown Avatar

Christmas Countdown 
Offline0Certified5,646 Servers

Get the number of sleeps left until Christmas sent to a selected channel every morning.

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Irene Avatar

Online0Certified12,036 Servers

Irene is the best kpop bot for displaying your favorite idol photos, playing music, and A LOT more!

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Nino Avatar

Online0Certified898 Servers

Advanced (and cute) moderation bot. Fully customizable with auto moderation and a sophisticated warning system.

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GalaxySim Avatar

Offline0Certified536 Servers

GalaxySim is a space based MMO / RPG where players explore, fight, and colonize the ∞ number of star systems and planets

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Maki Avatar

Online0Certified59,709 Servers

The most all-in-one bot made to engage members and moderate your server! Leveling, economy, and more with a dashboard!

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MineLess Avatar

Online0Certified201 Servers

MineLess is a free french bot, who can give you all infos about minecraft's commands, some music lears, Minecraft Status

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ModMail Avatar

Online0Certified58,018 Servers

A feature-rich Discord bot for easy communication between server staff and members.

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Server Bot Avatar

Server Bot 
Offline0Certified1,023 Servers

A bot that lets you to see information about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, CS 1.6, Fivem, Garrys mod, Minecraft Serv

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Support System Avatar

Support System 
Online0Certified21,591 Servers

A simple to use Support System with many features like Tickets and Voice Support!

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Taco Avatar

Offline0Certified4,636 Servers

Manage Trello boards and get notified of board updates straight from Discord!

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Sporks Avatar

Online0Certified2,710 Servers

A bot that learns from servers and will backchat users. Nothing like MEE6/Dyno! Program custom responses with JavaScript

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