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Beep Boop Avatar

Beep Boop 

A fun Discord bot with features like: economy | fun | information | moderation | games | images | search

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NekoMaid Avatar

Offline484,563 Servers

Nekomaid is a cute Discord bot with own economy, NSFW, leveling, music, management features and a lot more. ❤️

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Barnyard Avatar

Not verified44

Plays different animal noises in a voice channel. Fun bot to mess with your friends! Plenty of barnyard noises! 🐄

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Boss Bot Avatar

Boss Bot 
Offline41115 Servers

Small, simple bot with useful features like creating message embeds, logging user stats, logging messages and their atta

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Twitch Farm AI Avatar

Twitch Farm AI 
Online4098 Servers

Fun, Meme, Moderation & Utility Discord Bot - Advanced Artificial Intelligence

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Ullmina Avatar


Ullmina is a bot with commands basic for your Discord Server

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Honey Bot Avatar

Honey Bot 
Offline342,497 Servers

Lewds, Lewds, and more Lewds! A bot designed to mass distribute porn, hentai, and all other colloquialisms for different

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Fury Avatar

Offline342,126 Servers

It's a english bot that made for moderation and funny commands. Also nsfw.

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Tsukasa Yuzaki Avatar

Tsukasa Yuzaki 

Tsukasa Yuzaki es un bot que te permite controlar varios aspectos de tu servidor, tambien cuenta con juegos y muchas cos

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Scriptly Avatar

Not verified32

The ultimate communication tool for Discord. Featuring voice-to-text transcription, text-to-speech, & voice translation

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CuRe Avatar

Online302,291 Servers

CuRe Bot is a custom response bot for discord.

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Santa Bot Avatar

Santa Bot 

Chewie Bot (AKA Santa Bot) will bring Star Wars fun to your servers! Get ready to fight for the glory of your faction!

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HentaiCord Avatar


❤️ Enhance your sexual experiences with HentaiCord!

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TheFakeWorld Avatar

Offline26648 Servers

A highly customisable and modular discord bot with features such as giveaways, profiles, sticky roles, and a welcomer

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Nezuko Bot Avatar

Nezuko Bot 
Online2612,109 Servers

The original Nezuko Bot, perfect and adorable with more than 90 Actions, Moderation, Minigames, Memes, Leveling and more

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OcelotBOT Avatar

2523,007 Servers

This bot is full of dankness, Games, Trivia and image editing! We have a meme Generator, text generator, and more!

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