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April Avatar

Offline1Certified19,603 Servers

A Welcomer bot with customizable welcome images, Web Dashboard, Reaction Role, Logging, Autorole, Leaderboard and Banwor

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Streamcord Avatar

Offline1403,578 Servers

The #1 Twitch bot for Discord. See who's streaming with notifications, a "now live" role, and more.

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Benny Avatar

Offline1Certified4,083 Servers

Benny, the bot with levelling, reaction roles, economy, moderation, fun & games, customizability, a dashboard & more!

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Fortniters Avatar


A bot that lets you have Item Shop, News Feed and more sent to your server, and lets you control your Fortnite Account.

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Sporks Avatar

Online1Certified2,802 Servers

A bot that learns from servers and will backchat users. Nothing like MEE6/Dyno! Program custom responses with JavaScript

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Utili Avatar

Offline11,168 Servers

Utili has loads of utility features including auto purge, voice text linking, message filtering and role persistence.

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Corynth Avatar

Offline1250 Servers

A bot with a wide range of commands that is constantly being updated all the time.

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Alyx Avatar

1153 Servers

A simple bot with not much but images and small utilities.

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Observation Avatar

Offline1110 Servers

Observation is a multilang moderation bot based on a powerful Deep Learning algorithm

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picbot Avatar

Offline1Certified6,788 Servers

Fully custom welcome-pics | Fully custom memes and gifs commands with avatars inside | Fantastic web dashboard

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YourManager Avatar

Not verified1

YourManager is a esports focused discord bot. It was created with a reason to help esports related servers.

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DuckHunt Avatar

Online020,056 Servers

Ducks spawn on a Discord channel. Will you be able to kill them?

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DuncteBot Avatar

Offline0Certified4,163 Servers

A chat bot with mod and music commands (plays from spotify)

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Groovy Avatar


The best music bot for Discord. Supports Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and more!

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MallardBot Avatar

Online02,005 Servers

One of the best multiple purpose bot, moderation, logging, dashboard, canetons, High quality music, personal commands

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Logger Avatar


Logger is a no bs logging bot supporting maximum customization & user control.

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