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Moosic Avatar

Online485,762 Servers

A free and simple music bot trusted by over 5k servers

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YesNo Avatar

Online48877 Servers

YesNo is a simple yes/no poll bot for Discord, based on the YesNo bot built into Allo.

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WidgetBot Avatar


Pixel perfect discord embed for your website

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Reaction Roles Avatar

Reaction Roles 
Offline45495,654 Servers

React to a message to get a role! Add as many reaction roles as you want to your message!

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NekoMaid Avatar

Online414,563 Servers

Nekomaid is a cute Discord bot with own economy, NSFW, leveling, music, management features and a lot more~ ❤️

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Boss Bot Avatar

Boss Bot 
Offline41115 Servers

Small, simple bot with useful features like creating message embeds, logging user stats, logging messages and their atta

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Helper Avatar

Online353,309 Servers

The best ticket bot, an incredible assistant, and an amazing Helper. Helper is the best Ticket bot with a dashboard

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Message Scheduler Avatar

Message Scheduler 
Offline352,189 Servers

Message Scheduler is the easiest way to schedule one-time and repeating messages and reminders in your server!

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Giveaway Boat Avatar

Giveaway Boat 

Giveaway Bot • Stable • Upto 100 Days Long Giveaways • Infinite Amount of Giveaways • Message | Role Requirement

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Ticket Bot Avatar

Ticket Bot 
Offline341,000 Servers

A premium ticket system with website history for staff and users to access.

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StormBeatz Avatar

Online3311,042 Servers

An advanced, top-quality, and highly customizable music bot fit for every server's needs!

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Space Enforcer Avatar

Space Enforcer 
Online33379 Servers

Space Enforcer is an advanced customizable moderation bot for Discord.

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KinkBot Avatar

Online3160,548 Servers

Kinkbot is the oldest public hentai bot on Discord. Now in version 4 with new and improved features.

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Crewmate Avatar

Online302,034 Servers

The best bot Among Us utility bot. Keeps track of game room codes and prevents in-game talking.

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Fury Avatar

Online302,126 Servers

It's a english bot that made for moderation and funny commands. Also nsfw.

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CuRe Avatar

Online291,970 Servers

CuRe Bot is a custom response bot for discord.

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