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EasyFortniteStats Avatar

Online25Certified48,747 Servers

Graphical Fortnite Stats Bot with Auto Fortnite Shop, Server Status, Weekly Challenges, Rdm Drop and Fortnite Map

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un-boxing-bot Avatar

Offline2130 Servers

A multi-purpose bot with moderation and fun features and more to come

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DrogoBot Avatar

Offline2121 Servers

DrogoBot is an ever-growing bot, constantly being given new things to mess around with.

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yo music Avatar

yo music 
Not verified21

yo music a music bot with a lot of features no lag some modration commands and more

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Sheer Heart Attack Avatar

Sheer Heart Attack 

A JoJo's bizzare adventure bot that gives you (almost) absolute control over your stand's actions.

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Izzys™ Avatar


Olá, eu sou a Izzys, uma bot focada em moderação, diversão em geral.

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Hydra Bot Avatar

Hydra Bot 
Offline18980 Servers

Um bot 100% gratuito para os servidores de Minecraft e FiveM (Uma plataforma que liga o GTA V com servidores)

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hyejoo Avatar


Hyejoo is a global kpop gacha game that includes different kpop groups to collect, buy sell trade and collect!

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MineBot🐔 Avatar


A Powerful multipurpose Discord Bot with over than 100+ commands!

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HD Avatar


Just a cool bot. HD is a moderation/meme/ticket bot it can block discord invite links or any type of website links

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Yakov Helper Avatar

Yakov Helper 

Yakov Helper is a unique bot that will make it easier for you to manage your server and more ...

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Plubin Avatar


A discord bit with commands across Porn, Hentai, Anime, Manga / Comic, Image search, Moderation and much more.

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Noel Avatar

Online147,381 Servers

Noel is a cute Discord bot based around anime and comes with a load of fun, unique and useful features.

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LiterallyNoBot Avatar


The world's only Undertale-themed multipurpose, AI-powered bot!

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KingBreak Avatar


¡Un bot verificado multifuncional en ES/EN con comandos de diversión, moderación, música, configuración y mucho más!

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Welcome-Bot Avatar

Online14436 Servers

A cool multi-purpose discord bot that solves all your problems. I have features such as Moderation, ModLog, Welcome & Go

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