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Zero One Avatar

Zero One 

Zero One is a new bot useful for many things like moderation and fun, also its Weeb proof!

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Helper Avatar

Online93,309 Servers

The best ticket bot, an incredible assistant, and an amazing Helper. Helper is the best Ticket bot with a dashboard

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OcelotBOT Avatar

819,998 Servers

This bot is full of dankness, Games, Trivia and image editing! We have a meme Generator, text generator, and more!

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FoodExpress Avatar


We make ordering food as easy as ever! With our system we can get virtual food quickly to your server.

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Slio Avatar

Offline844 Servers

A multipurpose Discord bot that is packed with the latest features and commands

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Moldup Avatar

Online80 Servers

Kayıt - Karşılama - Öneri - Müzik - Emoji - Çekiliş Sistemleriyle Birlikte Eğlenceli Komutlar ve Daha Fazlası

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Tempy Avatar

Online8670 Servers

Start the conversation with a Tempy! - Tempy is a Bot which can create Temp Channels within seconds.

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KingBreak Avatar

Not verified7

Un bot interesante con más de 260 comandos. Puedo entretener, poner musica, moderar, adminsitrar y mucho más :3

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Minato Namikaze Avatar

Minato Namikaze 
Not verified782 Servers

Konichiwa, myself Minato Namikaze, Konohagakure Yondaime Hokage, I try my best to do every work as a Hokage!

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Cinnamon Avatar

Not verified7

A bot to help run a Dank Memer server. Cinnamon has a very powerful giveaways command and has a Dank Memer Heist command

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Econoshi_Bot Avatar

Not verified7

A basic Economy Bot with Constant Updates.

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Report System Avatar

Report System 
Online6281 Servers

Ein fortgeschrittenes Report System

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Tlixxi Bot 1 Avatar

Tlixxi Bot 1 
Not verified6

Tlixxi Bot 1 is a verified anime based bot for moderation, economy, interactions and fun

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Discortics™ Avatar

Offline62,180 Servers

Requirement Giveaways | Application | Invite Message Voice Tracking | Leveling | Dashboard | Tickets | Antispam | Games

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Doubting Tom Avatar

Doubting Tom 
Not verified632 Servers

Doubting Tom makes learning by yourself, and helping others learn, a fun and rewarding activity on discord.

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Reaction Roles Avatar

Reaction Roles 
Online5441,898 Servers

React to a message to get a role! Add as many reaction roles as you want to your message!

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