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Country Bot Avatar

Country Bot 

A fun bot that got an a++ in geography class.

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Vision [Maintenance] Avatar

Vision [Maintenance] 

A discord's fun bot with NSFW commands, chatbot, an economy, image manipulation, memes and much more.

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The Detective Avatar

The Detective 

Solve mysteries, crimes, and problems. Rank up and earn rewards! -- The Detective.

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easy Avatar


A recreational bot created with purpose of making your experience on discord easy . GIFs , ARs , Images , Minigames...

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𝑆𝑙𝑒𝑒𝑝𝑦⚡ Avatar


Sleepy is a feature-rich allrounder Bot.

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Scuttle Crab Avatar

Scuttle Crab 

¡Un bot en español con comandos de League of Legends usando la API de Riot Games!

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PokéBest Avatar


The Best Pokemon Bot for discord -Pokéyone/Pokébest

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Kanna ✨ Avatar

Kanna ✨ 

Kanna is an Anime RPG and Economy Discord bot which you can play with it in your free time in your own discord server.

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Jelly Avatar


Jelly is a very nice and awesome discord economy bot which has a lot more to offer!.

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OcelotBOT Avatar

024,228 Servers

This bot is full of dankness, Games, Trivia and image editing! We have a meme Generator, text generator, and more!

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DuckHunt Avatar

Online021,134 Servers

Ducks spawn on a Discord channel. Will you be able to kill them?

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Mantaro Avatar

Offline0611,242 Servers

Customizable music and fun bot with games, currency, birthday announcer, and a lot more to offer!

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Kotoba Avatar

Online021,788 Servers

A feature filled bot for Japanese learners... and weebs too!

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MallardBot Avatar

Offline02,005 Servers

One of the best multiple purpose bot, moderation, logging, dashboard, canetons, High quality music, personal commands

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KillerBot Avatar


A simple yet advanced multi-purpose bot that excels many other multi-purpose bots in the features and quality provided!

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MishiBot Avatar

Online0411 Servers

A dynamic, customisable and interactive bot which aims to enhance discord servers with quality of life, utility, and mod

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